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Biblioteca Popular Rafael de Aguiar

The Founder

► Juana M. Couretot de Guella (1904 – 1981)

Founder and the first president of the Library. The eldest of four siblings, her childhood took place with her family in the countryside of the city of Pergamino where she lived until her early youth. She was home-schooled because her parents couldn’t afford her to go to a regular school, which truncated her education to a certain degree, something that actually never stopped her from wanting to improve with any means she had at hand.

In 1928, the Couretots move to the city of San Nicolás. In 1934, back in Pergamino, she marries Ernesto Guella and both return to San Nicolás later on, where she begins to make a name for herself due to her intense and uninterested work to expand the educative possibilities of the city. On August 3rd, 1943, she participates in the foundation of the “Remedios de Escalada de San Martín” Library, belonging to the Retail Storekeepers Union. Among her many activities, she presided the Ladies Commission of the “San Felipe” General Hospital. In 1947 she initiates what would be her most important work: the creation of the Popular Library “Rafael de Aguiar” with a deeply humble origin.

Other works: First Illiterate Census of San Nicolás, the creation of Literacy Centers for Children and Adults in the city’s neighborhood, Night School for Adults (an annex to the National School “J. José de Urquiza” in the city), foundation of Primary School Nº 31 of San Nicolás de los Arroyos, creation of the Library Studies School (which depended from the Education Ministry of the Buenos Aires Province) and the creation of the two more branches of the Aguiar library, among others.